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Registered in England: Company number 04253580

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Walk Awhile Ltd, Applegarth, South Street, Boughton Under Blean,

Kent, ME13 9PE, England, UK

Walk Awhile specialises in organising group, school, corporate and charity events suitable for a wide range of participants.  We have undertaken events with the University of the Third Age, The Childrens Society, Christian Aid, and John Grooms charities, as well as for a number of schools and groups from around the world including Suldal Council Norway; Covenant Day School North Carolina and Ross Independent School New Jersey.  We also organise half day and day walks, on  demand for self organised groups, and for inclusion in the programme of events such as the Canterbury Pilgrims' Festival 2019 


The Pilgrims' Way - North Downs Way Challenge

This is a 45 mile walking event, which can be tailored as a shorter walk to fit across a long weekend. It traces the ancient Pilgrims' Way track way between Rochester Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral. Starting on a Friday night and finishing on a Tuesday morning (or across a period of your own choosing), the challenge includes three full days of walking with sightseeing and guided tours along the way.  A great bonding experience as your group undertakes a fascinating historical journey with a real objective at the end of the 'old road'.


Chaucer's Kent - School History Tours - Pilgrims Way School Trips (inc' 2 nights accommodation)
Walk Awhile's guided history school trips include a 7 mile guided walk along the historic Pilgrims' Way and 2 overnight stops in single or twin room accommodation with breakfast and locally sourced packed lunches included in the package.


This fully guided school trip brings Chaucer's Canterbury Tales alive and puts it into an historical context. The tour includes many of the key historical sites found in Chaucerian Canterbury including a guided tour of the hostals where Chaucer's pilgrims stayed at the end of their pilgrimage. Students get the opportunity to trace the steps of Henry II's penitant walk from the village of Harbledown (mentioned in The Manciple's Tale as Bobbe-up and-down) and walk from the Black Princes Well into Canterbury through the city' walls. Walk Awhile supplies a number of educational aids for teachers to support our tours and please visit the Walk Awhile Resource Page where essays and audio files are available. Prices vary according to size of groups and specific needs. Our guides hold current DBS checks.  For more information please email Walk Awhile.



North Downs Way - Team Building Challenge
The team building challenge is an ideal way of getting groups of colleagues to bond. This challenge, which takes place over full 3 days of walking and 4 nights with full board gets your team making the decisions that will ensure they successfully complete their journey. The walk allows participants from a wide age range to become fully involved in a real team exercise, whilst enjoying an experience with a clearly defined objective to aim for at the end of the 3 day challenge.


Prices for Charity, Group, School & Corporate team building Walks available on request.


Booking Events

All packages include coach travel, vehicle support, Walk Awhile Guides, guided tours, accommodation and meals.

Event Organisers can speak directly about any of the above walks on 01227 752762 or 07984 758975.