Walk Awhile holidays offer walkers a package to fit their individual needs, preferences and requirements...



Self Led Walking Holidays (start any time of year at your choice). This is the ideal holiday for those who wish to walk at their own pace. You will be supported by a Walk Awhile Tracker, who will take care of your luggage and meet you at your first night's accommodation when you arrive.


The tracker issues you with marked-up maps and an itinerary for your walking holiday, along with useful tips on how to get the most from each day's journey. While you proceed through the countryside, Walk Awhile will ensure your luggage is taken to your next accommodation stop. 

All our family team are local and share a keen commitment to walking in Kent. They offer local experience and knowledge, which adds to the enjoyment you get from the walk you choose. As well as monitoring your luggage transfer day, your tracker will advise about the local pubs and restaurants and places of interest on your journey.



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