Responsible Travel Policy

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How this walking holiday makes a difference 

We are committed to operating a Responsible Travel Policy (RTP) that is supportive and in sympathy with the local communities and environment. This is in line with the stated aims on all our holidays which invites its customers to ‘discover hidden Kent, its history and its people'.


We actively encourage all customers to use public transport for access to and from their holiday.  We advise customers where they can purchase locally produced food and produce along the route of their walk and encourage them to use local services.  Customers are asked to follow a 'leave no trace' policy by using recycling and waste disposal facilities responsibly.

We use recycled, and recyclable products whenever possible.. In addition we aim to achieve an on-going reduction of our energy usage through the use of solar power at our office base, and by reducing carbon emissions.  This is assisted by the use of local luggage transfer companies, along the route, and by ensuring accommodation is booked on, or within easy access, of the trail.  thus avoiding the need to transport walkers to and from the trail.

 We have encouraged people to walk the North Downs Way for the benefit of nationally recognised charities. Since 2002 we have organised charity walks on behalf of the Children's Society, John Grooms and Christian Aid. These charities have reported that they have raised substantial donations through walks led by us.






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